Frequently Asked Questions

What is Password Pig?

Password Pig is an application that allows users to store, retrieve and update passwords and other important data on one or more devices. Never forget a password again!

What devices are supported?

Password Pig is available on the following systems:

  • iPhone devices running iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible devices for iOS 8 are iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6(S) and 6 Plus(S).
  • iPad and iPad Mini devices running iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible devices for iOS 8 are iPad 2 and above and all iPad mini devices.
  • iMacs & Mac Laptops running OS X 8.0 or later (Macbook Pro, Air, etc).
  • Android phones running Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later.
  • Android tablets running Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later.
  • Windows Desktop/Laptop running Windows 7 or later.

Users can install and use Password Pig on any or all of the above platforms, allowing your data to be accessed or updated from whichever you are using at the time. Unlike other Password Managers, there is no additional charge for using multiple devices.

Is Password Pig Secure?

Password Pig uses the latest security and encryption technologies available to ensure only you can access your data. Security and encryption are applied on your device(s), in transmission and on our servers.

  • Secure Storage of Your Passwords and Secret Data

    The information you store in Password Pig (your “data”) will be stored by Effingpot Productions Ltd in an encrypted format using AES-256, the strongest security standard in common use on the internet today. AES-256 has never been cracked, so your data is safe.

    Effingpot Productions Ltd will use the latest encryption technology to secure your data; on your device, in transmission and on our secure server space. The data is not accessible by anyone except you, providing you have your Master Password.

  • On Your device

    Your data is secured on your device in two ways

    • First, behind your Master Password - each time you start or return to Password Pig you will be asked for your Master Password. This prevents any unauthorised access by someone who obtains your device. Your Master Password is securely stored as a SHA-512 hash on the device and can never be read by us or anyone else.

    • Second, the data you enter into Password Pig is also encrypted using AES-256 and, where applicable, the device’s own Keychain technology. This means that the data on your device cannot be read by anyone else.

  • In transmission

    When your device is sending your data to the server, over WiFi, through a direct internet connection or using a mobile data connection, it is also protected in two ways.

    First, the data is already encrypted using uncrackable AES-256. Second this encrypted data is then transmitted over an AES-128 bit SSL(TLS) connection to create a secure tunnel between your device and the server, for complete protection.

  • On the server

    Your data is stored on our dedicated servers in its encrypted format so that it cannot be read by anyone except you, using your device and Master Password. There is no other way to access the data. The data on the servers are further protected by both hardware and software firewalls to prevent unauthorised access. They are also subject to a secure daily backup to assist in a disaster recovery situation, should this ever arise.

Is Password Pig easy to use?

Yes. Unlike some other Password Apps, Password Pig is simple, intuitive and straightforward to use.

It includes simple examples (which you can edit or delete) to help you to get going quickly and allows simple customisation so you can store your important information in the way that is best for you.

Password Pig does not need you to use an additional cloud service to store the data - it's done for you - simple! And secure!

Password Pig is not loaded with features you don't need. It simply lets you store, customise, access and change your data - how you want to - where you want it. That's it!

What if I forget my Master Password?

Unlike some other Password Managers, if you forget your Master Password all is not lost! By creating a username, security question & answer and by providing your email address we make the Master Password recoverable.

We do however, recommend you try hard NOT to forget it :-)

How much does Password Pig cost?

We set out to make Password Pig affordable. Try it for 30 days free - see if you like it. If you don't - just delete it - if you do ... great!

Password Pig costs less than a cup of coffee. We charge a nominal annual fee to ensure we can continue to develop and support this password app in a way that is cost effective to our users.

The current cost is $2.99 (USD) per year, or equivalent in your local currency.

Why did you make Password Pig?

Password Pig was developed because we could not find a decent replacement for an old PC Password Manager that is no longer available. The other Password Apps we found were too complicated, crashed or were buggy, felt insecure or cost too much. Password Pig is designed to provide the key functions in a simple secure and cost effective way. We hope you agree.

Who is behind Password Pig?

We are a small team based in the UK, where the design and development and server storage are all located. Our background is in large IT companies like IBM and Lenovo and in professional App development, with over 10 years of experience and many more to come.

What will you do with my details?

Your personal information (Name, Email. Username & Security Question) will be used by us to support you using Password Pig and for no other reason.

You may receive support or system emails but we will not use your email for marketing purposes. You can opt out of support emails though we suggest you don't.

Your information will not be shared with any other parties.

Your data stored within Password Pig will only be accessible by you.

We are GDPR compliant. Full details of that and other privacy related information is available in our Privacy Policy.

Do I need the 32-bit or 64-bit version for my PC?

Password Pig supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows PC systems. To check which you need, go to the Control Panel and look in the System section, where it will tell you.

What warranty is provided?

Password Pig is provided on an "as-is" basis, without warranty. However, our aim is to provide the best user experience and value and aim to ensure the Password App does exactly what it says on the tin!

How do I get help?

You can contact us here.

How do I delete my account?

If you no longer need Password Pig then you should delete your account from the MENU -> MY ACCOUNT -> DELETE. This will remove all of your data and details.